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SRP employee is assisting an ASU student in a research lab.

SRP and ASU: Building communities of the future

For more than 40 years, SRP and Arizona State University (ASU) have worked together to tackle issues facing the Phoenix metropolitan area and the entire southwest region.

This long-term partnership is our commitment to strengthening and evolving the Greater Phoenix communities we serve. Together, we’re working to create more resilient, thoughtful and sustainable communities of today and tomorrow.

Focus areas of the ASU partnership

Through this partnership, we are addressing water and energy supply challenges and focusing on advancing our communities through:


Communities of the future must be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. We are building a more sustainable future together by:

Technology innovation

Future power systems need to be even more secure, robust and flexible. Designs for the grid of the future should accommodate new technologies and fuel generation sources that include solar, biofuel and hydrogen energy sources.


As two of the largest employers in Arizona, SRP and ASU have a commitment to a strong, growing workforce. To support this growth, the two organizations have developed energy degree programs at the master’s and doctoral levels that are dedicated to transforming the energy sector.

Next steps involve plans for K-12 programs that emphasize STEM-related career exploration. These are just a few examples of the work already being done by SRP and ASU.

Facing challenges together

As an essential service provider, homes and businesses across Arizona rely on SRP for electricity and water. In the face of a growing population, climate change and rapid technological advancements, it’s now more important than ever that we work smarter, not harder.

Our partnership with ASU helps us face challenges head-on by joining forces to update infrastructure, expand grids, remain vigilant to cyber vulnerabilities and decrease the use of non-renewable energy sources like oil and gas — all while providing reliable service.

The fact of the matter is that we’re better together.

Foundations of a strong partnership

Commenting on the partnership, ASU President Michael Crow said, “Our organizations are well-positioned to collaborate with each other and across our communities to advance new ideas, new solutions and new ways of living and working to sustain the future of Arizona. Together, we can build more sustainable communities of the future.

This is just the start of what will continue to inspire our organizations to identify and implement innovative solutions to energy and environmental challenges our community faces.”

Forward together

See how SRP is planning for a future with reliable, affordable and clean water and power.

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