GridEx VI: SRP participates in 2-day simulated grid attack

Recent power grid-related events occurring around the country may have customers wondering about the reliability of our grid here in Arizona.

In our over 100 years of power and water delivery experience, our community-based company has had to face a lot of changes and challenges. While times have changed, our priorities haven’t.

Those priorities still guide every decision we make today. They are to:

  • Keep our customers, employees and communities safe.
  • Secure and protect our power grid and water delivery systems.
  • Provide reliable and affordable power.

Safety and security are deeply embedded in SRP’s culture

Any SRP employee can tell you that we take security and safety very seriously every day. Ongoing, required security and safety trainings are a part of an employee’s work-life from day one. Safety protocols and best practices are embedded in every aspect of the job.

 In cities with populations over 500,000, SRP is ranked No. 1 for power reliability according to

While we have many disaster response plans in place that we hope never see the light of day, we continue to establish and update procedures as needed so that we are prepared to combat any threats to the grid.

As malicious attacks on businesses and important infrastructure have become more sophisticated, so must the ways in which we prevent and, if necessary, respond to them.

While anyone can reference a plan, the real value lies in putting those plans to the test. And we recently had the chance to do just that.

SRP participates in GridEx VI

GridEx is an exercise put on by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) that allows utilities to respond in real time to coordinated fake attacks on the grid. The coordinated activity simulates physical and cyber attacks, breaches and threats to critical infrastructure.

GridEx gives utilities an opportunity to put their disaster response plans to the test by demonstrating how they would respond to and then recover from real-world events. Ultimately, this exercise provides participants with an opportunity to strengthen their crisis response and identify any gaps in the process.

Along the way, it helped our employees talk through the real-life implications of these simulated events as if they actually occurred. During this year’s event, our teams worked on:

  • Customer, employee and media communications
  • Rerouting power
  • Controlling the flow of water
  • Connecting with local fire and police departments along with state, federal and utility agencies

Reliable power today and tomorrow

Participating in the GridEx simulation helps improve grid security and power reliability for our customers. Learn more about our plans for the grid of the future.

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