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Improving reliability through simulated grid attack

Any time a power grid-related event makes news headlines, customers may be left wondering about the reliability of our grid here in Arizona

In our over 100 years of power and water delivery experience, our community-based company has had to face a lot of changes and challenges. While times have changed, our priorities haven’t. 

Those priorities still guide every decision we make today. They are to: 

  • Keep our customers, employees and communities safe. 
  • Secure and protect our power grid and water delivery systems. 
  • Provide reliable and affordable power. 

Safety and security are deeply embedded in SRP’s culture 

Any SRP employee can tell you that we take security and safety very seriously every day. Ongoing, required security and safety trainings are a part of an employee’s work-life from day one. Safety protocols and best practices are embedded in every aspect of the job. 

While we have many disaster response plans in place that we hope never see the light of day, we continue to establish and update procedures as needed so that we are prepared to combat potential threats to the grid. 

As malicious attacks on businesses and important infrastructure have become more sophisticated, so must the ways in which we prevent and, if necessary, respond to them. 

SRP is subject to industry regulations and maintains compliance with these regulations. SRP also works closely with industry and government partners to build a network of information sharing, coordinated incident response, and collaboration on critical infrastructure protection issues. 

SRP takes threats to Critical Infrastructure and Customer Information seriously and uses common industry practices to protect exposure as well as prepare appropriate resilience to potential impacts. 

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