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Honoring veterans in the workplace

There are 22 million veterans of the U.S. armed forces, most of whom are able and ready to engage in the workforce.  

At SRP, we value the potential of these veterans and members in active service. We seek out ways to recruit, hire, train and support these heroes in their careers. 

Joining the SRP community 

“I came to SRP because I wanted work-life balance, stability and benefits,” said Eamonn Urey, Manager of Demand Response Programs and a master sergeant in the Army Reserve. “What I found was that it is also a great place for people who want a lot of structure and a place to think, have an opinion and be heard.”  

Today, close to 10% of the SRP workforce is composed of veterans, active National Guard and Military Reservists. They are filling critical roles as mechanics, electricians, zanjeros and more. 

Supporting active military members 

SRP’s work with the armed services goes beyond hiring veterans. We also provide benefits that support National Guard and Military Reservists, such as full pay during deployment. 

Adam Douglas, a former captain in the Arizona Army National Guard, spent a year deployed in Afghanistan. 

“The support I received while I was deployed was phenomenal,” said Douglas, Director of Logistics and Materials Management at SRP. “I received care packages and texts on a regular basis, which allowed me to stay connected to my SRP family. My pay and benefits continued while I was deployed, which allowed me to completely focus on the mission and not worry about whether or not my finances were being taken care of back home.” 

Strengthening the SRP workforce 

Those in the armed services are trained beyond just their job in the service. They’re trained in leadership skills too. Investing in people like Douglas has a clear value. 

Douglas explained, “SRP is a great company, and they value the leadership skills that you gain in the military.” He continued, “The military offers unique experiences and leadership opportunities that many private employers cannot offer.” 

Are you a veteran interested in joining SRP? 

Learn more about jobs for service members and veterans. 

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