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SRP is committed to the conservation of our natural resources and creating a sustainable future. We do this through proactive resource management and by developing innovative solutions.

Two men about the release a large, white weather balloon from the top of a building in Phoenix.

How we use weather balloons

Did you know meteorologists can use balloons to aid in weather forecasting? SRP’s weather balloon program measures vertical profiles of temperature, humidity, wind and pressure over the Valley. Both the local and global weather community benefit from this data. SRP’s team of meteorologists manages the balloon program that provides valuable data to SRP and the National Weather Service. This data helps forecast thunderstorms within and

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Large pile of electric cables

Turning old cables into concrete

Our crews install, repair, remove, reroute and even rebuild electrical cables every day as an essential part of maintaining and upgrading the electrical grid. This results in over 1,000 tons of used cable each year. We were faced with a literal pile of problems with all the used cable from underground replacement efforts, overhead work and substation control rooms. What could we do with all

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