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Presentando una nueva y conveniente opción de pagos en efectivo para clientes de SRP

At SRP, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve our customers’ experiences while reducing costs. That is why we are pleased to announce a new cash payment option that increases payment locations by five times. 

We now accept cash payments at more than 600 convenient locations, including any Walmart, Fry’s Food Stores, CVS*, Family Dollar®, Bashas’, Food City or participating 7-Eleven location in the Valley. Some locations even offer 24/7 service. 

These new retail payment locations are accessible across the Valley and have replaced the SRP PayCenter® kiosks, which we have discontinued and removed. 

*No válido en CVS Pharmacy® en las tiendas Target. 

Compra energía e irrigación a tu conveniencia 

  • More than 600 locations where you can pay for SRP power and irrigation with cash 
  • 24/7 customer service at a variety of locations 
  • Making exact cash payments and getting change back 

Making an in-person cash payment is easy.  

Power and irrigation customers can make in-person cash payments at supermarkets, pharmacies and other stores where you already shop. Here’s what to do:   

Grab your SRP cash payment card or bill stub. 

Each card will have a unique, reusable bar code as well as your account number and house number.   

Power & SRP M-Power® customers: Show a digital copy of your card (available through the SRP Power app™, the SRP M-Power® app or SRP My Account™). 

Irrigation customers: Show a digital copy of your irrigation cash payment card available through SRP My Account. 

You can also use the bar code and account/house information on your bill stub, as long as the bill was issued on April 18, 2022, or later.  

If you would like a physical copy of your SRP cash payment card, you can print one via SRP My Account. You can also request one by calling SRP. Power customers should call (602) 236-8888; irrigation customers should call (602) 236-3333

How to pay in-person 

Payment locations offer one of two options to pay your bill. Each location offers only one payment option, so make sure to refer to the payment map to see the best way to pay near you. 


One way to make cash payments is as simple as paying the cashier in the regular checkout lane. Locations that allow you to pay in the checkout lane include CVS, 7-Eleven, Walgreens and more. When paying in a checkout lane, you will need to use the bar code portion of your SRP cash payment card. This is a quick way to pay your SRP bill at stores near you. 

Guest services 

The other method for making cash payments requires customers to head to the guest services counter. Locations that allow you to make your cash payment at the guest services counter are Fry’s, Bashas’, Food City and more. However, these locations do not allow you to pay in the checkout lane. When paying here, you’ll need your account number and house number, which are both listed on your SRP cash payment card. Stop by guest services when you’re out running errands to pay your SRP bill quickly and easily. 

Make a cash payment 

Let the cashier know you’d like to pay for SRP power or irrigation with cash — and have your cash payment card ready. There are no convenience fees, and, if you don’t have exact change, the cashier can make change for you. You’ll also get a receipt for your records.   

A few things to note: 

  • Cash is the only form of payment accepted at retail locations at this time.    
  • When making a payment at a retail location, you’ll need to visit the checkout lane or guest services. Self-service is not an option at these locations.   
  • The bar code on your bill has been updated. This new bar code will work at retail locations and will not work at SRP PayCenters.  
  • Never make a payment using a bar code that isn’t printed directly on your bill or cash payment card or that doesn’t appear in the app. If you receive a text with a bar code, it’s a scam! 

Retail locations barcode: 

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