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Introducing a new and convenient cash payment option for SRP customers

Soon, SRP customers will be able to make cash payments at more than 500 convenient locations, including any Walmart®, Fry’s Food Stores®, CVS®*, Family Dollar® or participating 7-Eleven® location in the Valley. Some locations even offer 24/7 service. 

Currently, customers can pay with cash at a limited number of SRP PayCenter® kiosks. As we expand the number of in-person cash payment locations, SRP will phase out SRP PayCenter locations starting May 1 for irrigation payments and in fall 2022 for power payments. 

Purchase power and irrigation at your convenience 

Starting on April 25, you can look forward to: 

  • More than 500+ locations where you can pay for SRP power and irrigation with cash 
  • 24/7 service at a variety of locations 
  • Getting change back, which is not currently an option at SRP PayCenters 

Making an in-person cash payment is easy 

Power and irrigation customers can make in-person cash payments at supermarkets, pharmacies and other stores where you already shop. Here’s what to do:  

Grab your SRP cash payment card or bill stub

Each card will have a unique, reusable barcode as well as your account number and house number.  

Power & M-Power customers: Show a digital copy of your card (available through the SRP Power app, the SRP M-Power® app or MyAccount™). 

Irrigation customers: Show a digital copy of your irrigation cash payment card available through MyAccount™. 

You can also use the barcode and account/house information on your bill stub, as long as the bill was issued on April 18, 2022, or later. 

If you would like a physical copy of your SRP cash payment card, you can print one via MyAccount. You can also request one by calling SRP. Power customers should call (602) 236-8888; irrigation customers should call (602) 236-3333. 

Visit a participating retail location

Starting April 25, you’ll be able to make a cash payment at any Valley Walmart®, Fry’s Food Stores®, CVS®*, Family Dollar® or participating 7-Eleven® location, among other locations. Visit our payment locations map to find a store near you.  

Depending on where you go, you’ll either head to guest services or a checkout lane.

When paying at guest services, you’ll need your account number and house number, which are both listed on your SRP cash payment card.   

When paying at a checkout lane, you’ll need to use the barcode portion of your SRP cash payment card.   

Make a cash payment  

Let the cashier know you’d like to pay for SRP power or irrigation with cash — and have your cash payment card ready. There are no convenience fees, and if you don’t have exact change, the cashier can make change for you. You’ll also get a receipt  for your records.  

A few things to note

  • Cash is the only form of payment accepted at retail locations at this time.  
  • When making a payment at a retail location, you’ll need to visit the checkout lane or guest services. Self-service is not an option at these locations. 
  • Your SRP cash payment card will not work at SRP PayCenters.  
  • Starting April 18, 2022, the barcode on your bill will be updated. This new barcode will work at retail locations and will not work at SRP PayCenters. 

 SRP PayCenter barcode: 

Retail locations barcode: 

*Not valid in CVS Pharmacy® at Target stores. 

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