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Water Awareness Month

In Arizona, the month of April is Water Awareness Month. The governor’s office declared this month in 2008. The goal of this month is to raise awareness about the most precious resource in the arid desert – water.

Water Awareness Month a joint-effort between cities, municipalities and SRP. We are helping the public understand more information about the Valley’s water. Additionally, we are teaching people the importance of conserving the Valley’s water supply. Conserving our water today will reduce the impact of future droughts on our natural resources, economy and quality of life. We know every drop saved today is one more for future generations.

We want to bring a greater awareness of the Greater Phoenix water supply through community education, action and celebration.

As a leader in water in Arizona, region and nation, SRP constantly plans for an 11-year drought.  Rain and melted snow runoff into Arizona’s forested areas called the watershed. Then, trickling down via streams, the water is stored in dams, lakes and storage systems below the ground.

SRP is sharing what we do to protect the water supply for the Phoenix area. We encourage everyone in the Valley to learn more about where their water comes from.

Or, how we help move it through the Valley. How SRP partners with cities to protect it and ways to enjoy it for recreation. Most importantly, learn how you can do your part to conserve.

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