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Reliable, affordable and sustainable power through innovation

Reliable, affordable and sustainable power through innovation

SRP has a vision for the future – and a plan

The Valley’s population continues to grow. At SRP, we’re working to modernize and secure our grid, expand our renewable energy offerings, curb our shared carbon footprint and conserve our natural resources to help meet the evolving water and power needs of the communities we serve.  

As the words “Forward Together” imply, a sustainable energy and water future will take all of us. Explore the content below to discover the many ways we can all bring about a brighter and more sustainable Arizona by moving forward together. 

Carbon reduction

Building a sustainable energy future for the Valley starts with reducing carbon emissions. SRP is committed to providing a cleaner and more sustainable energy mix to the communities we serve. By 2050, our goal is to help reduce your electricity carbon footprint by 90%. We have the resources, the customer programs and the technology to make this goal a reality. 

Want to help us reduce carbon? You can lead the solar charge by offsetting half or all of your electric use with clean, renewable solar energy through SRP Solar ChoiceTM.

Communities of the future

We know it is not enough to just meet the water and power needs of today. Technology and the world around us change significantly with each passing moment. To stay ahead of these changes and prepare for the needs of our communities of tomorrow, SRP, along with strategic partners, is innovating to support the needs of future generations through expertise, science, technology and collaboration. 

Discover ways to outfit your home for the future by checking out energy-saving offers and rebates exclusive to SRP customers.

#1 in reliability for large cities

When you flip a switch, you expect the lights to come on. So does SRP. We’re dedicated to ensuring a sustainable and reliable energy future for the Valley. We are constantly investing in and building a smarter grid to help prevent outages. Our renewable energy sources grow every year while still reserving enough quick-start natural gas and nuclear power sources to provide ample power for the desert’s hottest months.  

SRP’s energy mix

SRP is pursuing all options to ensure our customers have reliable, affordable and sustainable power in the coming years.

Want to move forward? Get a smart thermostat and enroll in our Bring Your Own Thermostat program (BYOT) to help support the grid.

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