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How to launch a career on the customer service team

SRP employs over 5,000 people across a variety of careers, but one commonality is that a lot of our employees start in our world-class call center. 

Hiring customer service representatives 

SRP accepts applications for the customer care center multiple times throughout the year. Initially, new hires will receive comprehensive virtual training. After training, this role supports a hybrid work schedule, with two days a week in the office and remaining scheduled days worked from home.  

When working in the office, representatives will be assigned to our Tempe or Queen Creek locations. Call center employees must also be available to work weekends and holidays, depending on scheduling needs.  

The 300 call center employees enjoy an exciting culture with events, networking opportunities and career development. This fast-paced work environment includes answering customer phone calls and emails to provide award-winning support for our customers. While SRP may be known for its great benefits, a lesser-known perk of joining SRP’s customer service team is that it’s a great way to get your foot in the door at one of Arizona’s Most Admired Companies

SRP careers: Many paths to take 

Employees whose SRP careers began in the contact center share: 

  • Their journeys through the company 
  • The skills that helped them get there 
  • What makes SRP’s customer service center different 

Rebecca Smout, Senior Product Manager, Customer Programs 

Recently, Rebecca Smout reached her milestone 20-year SRP anniversary. Today she works as an account manager for the homebuilders that participate in our SRP ENERGY STAR® Homes program. Like many, her career at SRP started in the call center while she was pursuing her degree at ASU. 

Her time in the call center provided key foundational skills that prepared her for her current role. 

“I already worked customer service for several years before coming to SRP, so I had basic skills, but the call center training involved so much more than the basics,” Rebecca said. “It was truly about understanding the customer, using a tone of voice that helped the situation instead of escalating it, and expanding my knowledge so I was prepared for any situation.”  

To future SRP customer service reps, she stresses the importance of enjoying your time in the call center, creating friendships and seeking mentors. 

“Learn as much as possible because you never know how that knowledge will help you to be of service to others on your future teams — maybe as a lead, maybe a supervisor or maybe even in the position you didn’t even know you wanted someday,” she said. 

Shon Mack, Residential Customer Service Center Supervisor 

Shon Mack started as a contact center representative in early 2013. Since that time, he’s held positions in Customer Interactions, Customer Credit Services, Consumer Affairs and Corporate Strategy. For the past year, he has served as a Supervisor in the Customer Service Center.  

During his time in the call center, he learned the gravity of the impact he had on SRP’s customers. The position enabled him to polish his soft skills, become an active listener and work quickly and accurately to provide the best customer service experience.  

“All of these skills laid a crucial foundation that I have been able to build upon to advance my career,” he said. 

His advice for potential employees seeking SRP careers or considering applying for a customer service position: “Just do it.” 

“You will not regret the experience, fulfillment and support from the amazing family environment that exists within the customer services team and, for that matter, throughout the entire company.”  

Shon Mack, Residential Customer Service Center Supervisor 

Zack Thompson, Residential Call Center Manager 

Zack Thompson has been with SRP for 16 years and currently serves as a manager in our Tempe call center. While he rose through the ranks within the contact center, he also spent time on other teams within SRP. He credits his time in the call center with enabling him to quickly learn new things in his various roles. 

“SRP is a great company, and the contact center really exemplifies some of our company’s best qualities,” he said. “I have seen so many people start in the contact center and advance to positions all throughout SRP. If you work hard, have a great attitude and are willing to learn new things, you will be successful here.” 

Adam Peterson, Corporate Pricing Director  

Adam Peterson began his career at SRP in the call center while he was pursuing a college degree. Not only was he able to take advantage of SRP’s tuition assistance program, but he also found himself truly passionate about helping customers.  

“I enjoyed my time in the call center way more than I would have expected as I’m a bit of an introvert, and talking to strangers on the phone all the time was definitely outside my comfort zone,” he said. “I found being a call center representative was more fulfilling than I would have guessed, as in the call center, we are constantly in a position where we’re able to help people and it was easy to take pride in the company that we worked for.”  

Despite having to leave SRP while completing a master’s degree program, he later joined SRP’s Business Analyst Rotational Program. He went on to work for the Accounting and Customer Billing & Accounting teams before returning to the contact center as a director. He encourages anyone thinking about joining the call center to go for it and says his time there made him more successful in his current position.  

“My customer service experience has been incredibly valuable in my current role as Director of Corporate Pricing as I’m able to not just focus on the technical and financial aspects of my job, but also always keep the customer experience in mind,” said Peterson.  

Amy Gentry, Residential Call Center Manager  

Amy Gentry started her career at SRP in 1997 in the Residential Contact Center. More than 20 years later, she’s still at SRP. But now she’s in a leadership position as Residential Call Center Manager. When she first joined the call center, she was looking for a career change and wasn’t quite sure what direction she wanted to go in.  

“I came to SRP planning to work in the contact center forever. I had no concept of all the opportunity the company had to offer. Over time, I was presented with opportunities to work on some special assignments in the contact center that exposed me to other roles and I became curious,” said Gentry.  

She has since worked on numerous teams, including quality assurance, residential contact center training, SRP M-Power® operations, customer communications and the ITS Project Management Office, where she was encouraged to complete her degree. She said her time in the contact center provided her with knowledge that helped her get to where she is today. She encourages anyone thinking about starting their career at the call center to take the time they need to develop themselves professionally and get a college degree.  

Kyla Booth, Executive Analyst 

Kyla Booth started in SRP’s customer service center 10 years ago, but for the past two years, she has served as Executive Analyst to Alaina Chabrier, Associate General Manager and Chief Communications Executive at SRP. Working in SRP’s customer service center helped Kyla understand the customer side of the business from the start, and since SRP is a customer-oriented company, that has been critical to her success.  

“The customer service team is a great starting place within SRP, whether you stay there for your whole career or move about the company,” Kyla said. “I got to move into different positions with our customers in mind. This experience helped me understand why we do what we do and how it is a benefit to our customers overall.” 

The most gratifying part of the customer service job according to Kyla? Simply getting to help customers every day. 

What makes working at SRP’s customer service center different than other call centers? For Kyla, it’s all about the team environment: “Supervisors care about the employees just as much as they care about the work that they do.” 

For Zack, it’s all about the team and the impact they’re able to have on our customers. 

“The environment in the contact center is unlike any that I have been a part of or seen.” 

Zack Thompson, Residential Call Center Manager 

“Our reps have a passion for service and truly care about each other and our customers. I am still amazed by the connection that our reps are able to make with customers on a phone call. We get countless calls and even handwritten letters from customers to let us know just how good their interaction was with one of our reps,” said Zack. 

Shon echoes this sentiment: “Many businesses talk about providing good service. However, SRP truly and unequivocally cares about the families they provide service to. Strategic decisions are made with the customer as the focal point.” 

Rebecca appreciates the investment SRP makes in employees’ futures. 

“SRP treats people like they have a long-term investment in your future, which you don’t get from other companies as an entry-level employee,” she said. “Management really wants you to be happy and successful here. It’s not just a job; the call center has such an important role in SRP’s business. I’m proud to tell people I started there.” 

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