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Steve and Mary Vital: A vital part of SRP and the Hispanic community

As an SRP employee from the late ’60s until the early ’90s, Manny Vital’s career spanned decades, departments and now generations.  

A family that serves its community together

Pictured here is Steve and Mary’s father, Manny Vital, in his early career at SRP.

Vital’s pride and joy lives on in the same organization he once served. Nearly 50 years later, two of his six children work for SRP. We asked his children, Steve and Mary, how the Vital family is working together for a better Arizona. 

“Both of our parents were born in Arizona. We have two grandparents – one on each side – from Mexico, and two others who were born here in Arizona,” said Mary Vital.

What do you do at SRP?

Steve: I am a Plant Electrical Specialist at the Coronado Generating Station (CGS). I started my apprenticeship in 2003. Four years later, I took on my current duties, handling electrical work at the plant. It helps keep the power going and flowing to the Valley. 

Mary: I work in Customer Communications Services, which handles call center support for residential and some commercial customers. I’m technically a researcher on the team, though we all handle a variety of tasks. I’ve been in the department for eight years and with the company since 2003. Tell us about your work in the community, outside of SRP. 

Why is it important for SRP to be involved with and connected to the Hispanic community?

Steve: My children grew up in a small neighborhood in Concho, and I was heavily involved in the school board and little league there. I continued to coach at Blue Ridge when we moved. This was actually going to be my last year coaching until COVID hit. Helping kids is my passion, though. 

Baseball is just an avenue. In the leagues I coached in, many of the kids were from single-parent homes. I used the opportunity to help the kids learn life skills along with the game. 

Mary: My department at SRP does a lot of team-based volunteering events. Packing meals, packages for the homeless, etc. I’ve been especially passionate about working on these projects when they’re in my community of Guadalupe. We painted a park in the town, fixed up a playground and helped plan a garden. I actually got my dad involved in some of those projects too!  

Why is it important for SRP to be involved with and connected to the Hispanic community?

Mary:  I believe the more that our Hispanic customers feel comfortable with SRP, the more comfortable they feel reaching out if they’re having trouble paying their bills. We see that now with COVID-19; we are here to help. 

What is it like being the second generation of Vitals at SRP?

Steve: I appreciate what SRP has done for us, not only when we were growing up, but now, with my own family. I became a grandparent for the first and second time recently, and just two weeks apart. I’ve had the opportunity to raise my children so they could learn work ethic and teach them that life isn’t just about ourselves, but those they’re surrounded by. 

SRP celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

At SRP, it makes us proud to know that our customers and our employees are part of the same community. This Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re sharing stories of SRP employees whose strong ties are making the Valley a better place for us all. 

We’re working juntos por un mejor Arizona — together for a better Arizona. Follow us on LinkedIn for more stories and a look at what it’s like to work at SRP.

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