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Wayne Wisdom and MAC: Supporting the Arts at Work, at Home and in the Community


As one of SRP’s most senior leaders, Wayne Wisdom has risen through the ranks to his current role leading Distribution Grid Services. From bringing power to his community to empowering it, he gives his all at work, and gives back by serving on the Mesa Arts Center (MAC) Foundation Board of Directors.

Deep roots and a passion for the arts

Wisdom grew up in Nogales, on Arizona’s border with Mexico, and has both Mexican and U.S.-born grandparents. We spoke with him about how his work with and passion for his communities in an interview.

What is your role at SRP?

I am the Senior Director of Distribution Grid Services, which is responsible for constructing and maintaining all of SRP’s distribution lines. 

This could be anything from maintaining existing facilities to building new lines to customers to relocating existing lines. We also design upgrades, inspect for reliability and make improvements to the system with a goal of making reliability as good as it can be.

What work do you do in the community?

 The Mesa Arts Center Foundation Board of Directors is made up of volunteers and residents who have an affinity for the arts and want to showcase the MAC. Specifically, I work on the Arts @t the Center Committee. We look for schools or arts organizations who don’t have access to performing arts venues and offer them the chance to show their talents at a world-class facility.

What would you want someone who is unfamiliar with the Mesa Arts Center to know about it?

Many of the venues in the MAC are named after community members in the Mesa area who donated funds to help it be built. So in my mind, it is not just a facility, it is more woven into the fabric of the community.  

What made you interested in the arts?

My wife is an award-winning professional costumer and has costumed theatrical productions for about 10 years across the Valley. My kids have always been involved in music, performing arts and theater too. My son is a music major at ASU, my oldest daughter is a musical theater major in Boston. My youngest daughter, who is a senior in high school, is a competition dancer. 

I used to be a musician back in the day too, but it has been a really long time. My role now is to be the support arm for my family’s adventures and dreams! 

How does SRP’s support of the MAC support the community as a whole?

SRP is a vital part of the Valley being able to keep our community vibrant, not just economically, but culturally. 

For example, SRP’s sponsorship of the MAC’s annual Día de los Muertos event recognizes that the Hispanic community is bright and vibrant and full of life.

What do you feel it’s important for SRP to be involved in the Hispanic community?

The Hispanic community – which we recognize for its diversity – makes up a large percentage of who SRP serves with water and power, so we have an obligation to make sure that we incorporate all of the community we serve in the business that we operate. 

What excites you about the future?

I’m looking forward to the MAC opening back up when things are somewhat back to normal.  

I’m also excited that as a country, we are working toward being more respectful and responsive to the diversity of people in our nation. There’s a strong movement to make sure everyone is represented and no one is shunned for their background, race or ethnicity. 

I’m pleased to see SRP on this path as well, with programs to support D&I. We’re all in this together to make a better country.

SRP celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

At SRP, it makes us proud to know that our customers and our employees are part of the same community. This Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re sharing stories of SRP employees whose strong ties are making the Valley a better place for us all. 

We’re working juntos por un mejor Arizona — together for a better Arizona. Follow us on LinkedIn for more stories and a look at what it’s like to work at SRP. 

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